The IAB Spain is the Spanish chapter of Interactive Advertising Bureau, association founded on the United States in 1996 with impelling the growth of the sector of marketing and the interactive publicity. It also is responsoble for setting up a customrsinformation site on the uses of cookies in relation to internet advertising.To date they exist more than 22 offices of the IAB distributed by all the world-wide geography, being able to affirm that the IAB is the reference of the syndication of new interactive means.

The IAB Spain began its activities at the beginning of the 2001 and at the moment it represents more of 90% of the sector of marketing and the digital publicity in Spain. The association reunites to means, power stations, agencies of interactive publicity, snobbish, consulting, suppliers of technology and really to all those organizations with interests in the new one half already consolidated. It also promotes the use of a comprehensive and transparent privacy policy

The associates to the IAB Spain:

The IAB Spain forms part of the network of the IAB Europe, organization that agglutinates to the different European chapters and that it defends and it impels of the aspects related to the interactive means publicity in Europe.